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Institut thématique Technologies pour la Santé

WP 5 : Development of new methods & tools for management and follow up of Translational research projects within distributed Infrastructure

WP coordinator(s): S.Mergui (Node 1)
WPs collaborators: All nodes


Project management approach has long been used by various industries, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, to efficiently move research and development projects toward tangible products. Unfortunately, a majority of academic institutions do not have formal project management positions and consequently, many research projects suffer from a lack of follow up and coordination.

This is particularly true in the case of translational research projects which are intrinsically multidisciplinary and hardly necessitate the integration of sequential steps along complex development paths. Creating a formal project management environment for NeurATRIS will help incorporate specific management competencies and clarify respective responsibilities in key functional roles for each partner, party or node. This in turn, will not only speed up but also secure the translational research process of NeurATRIS by addressing several important management tasks that are not consistently realized under current, informal arrangements.

Overview : Figure 6 describes the NeurATRIS project management system - that will be designed with the different tasks (scheduling, allocation & management of resources, communication and reporting, financing and database) - and the relative contributions of the three key components of the project management process i.e. the Project Managers (PM), the steering committees and the board of directors (BoD). The management system  should be supported by a web-based solution to allow multi-node use.